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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is so special about the PINEHILL cartons?
A. Our packaging provides consumers
with the very best product. It provides a totally sterile environment
and is designed to ensure that milk and juice products stay fresh for a
longer period of time.

Q. What is the difference between Pasteurised and
 Ultra Pasteurised milk?
A. The major difference between Pasteurised and Ultra
 Pasteurised milk is the heat treatment and the method
of packaging, both of which extend the shelf life for up
 to 90 days. The Ultra Pasteurisation process destroys
 virtually all of the bacteria in milk while maintaining its 
freshness and nutritional value.

Q. Is the Ultra Pasteurised milk fresh?
A. Yes! PINEHILL’s milk is collected daily 
from local farms, processed at the dairy within the same 
time frame and delivered to supermarkets.

Q. If Ultra Pasteurised milk is fresh how does it expires in 3 months?
A. The shelf life
 of our Ultra Pasteurised milk is extended because of the new processing process and the package.

Q. Do I have to keep PINEHILL milk in the fridge?
A. PINEHILL’s Ultra Pasteurised milk can remain
 unrefrigerated for 90 days. However, once it is opened it
 must be refrigerated and consumed within four days.

Q. Where do I find PINEHILL products in the supermarket?
A. For your ease and convenience PINEHILL products can be found in the refrigerated sections
 and on relevant shelves within your supermarket. However, once you take them home it
 can be stored in the fridge or cupboard.

Q. Why is the two litre package no longer available?
A. This new packaging technology does not currently
 allow for the production of a two litre package.

For additional details please contact:
Mr. Bernard Frost
Group Marketing Manager
Tel: 246-227-6740