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Local Cows

Cows in Barbados are some of the healthiest you can find anywhere in the world. Between enjoying sunshine while grazing in pastures across the Barbadian landscape, the local cows benefit from indoor housing where conditions are cool and relaxing. All indoor housing, including the milking parlour, is designed to ensure that the cows are kept at cool, comfortable temperatures and are relaxed at all times since relaxed, healthy cows provide bountiful amounts of high quality milk.

Local farmers are also required to follow strict guidelines to ensure the health of their cows is maintained. On an annual basis, the cows are tested for Tuberculosis which if present can prove harmful to humans. Regular visits by local Veterinarians also ensure that the cows remain healthy and are at their best to produce quality milk.

On occasion, the cows may become ill and medication is used to treat the illness. In these instances, the farmers are required to send samples of the milk to the PINEHILL Dairy to be tested so as to ensure that there is no drug residue in the milk.

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